New Year’s Resolutions: Part I

It’s time again for New Year’s Resolutions. I personally like the practice because it gives me at least one chance throughout the year to do some serious self-reflection. In 2010 I resolved to define love and to become a better friend.

The first resolution was born out of a New Year’s Eve extravaganza trip to New York City where I fell back in love with two of my best friends, the city itself, and well, life in general. With all the craziness the holidays have brought this year, it was great to reflect via the ole blog. How soon we forget our revelations and resolutions, although over the past year  I did manage to define love as unconditional, infinite, unexplainable. So, although it was an impossible task, love was semi-defined. Check. And also, uncheck because this love quest is definitely not over people. More on that later.

The resolution to become a better friend has happily been a huge success and a major personal triumph. On the same New York trip last year I realized how many wonderful friends have blessed my life, but that I seldom kept in touch with because life gets busy and you let it slide. Considering today’s technology, there’s no reason you can’t maintain friendships even if you are oceans apart. Over the past year I discovered that my childhood best friend and I have become more alike than either of us could have imagined, a college friend who I thought had abandoned me had actually suffered a major loss, that making new friends is not as hard as I was making it out to be, that a psychic connection exists with a friend who lives precisely on the other side of the world, that I have a soul sister, that real friends never judge, and that the love you give and get out of friendships is absolutely necessary.


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