A Girl Can Dream, in French

While cleaning out a bookshelf, I ran across a tourist magazine for Rouen, France which got me all kinds of worked up about my dream of living in France.

First, I’ll need to do some research. Lonely Planet publishes my favorite guidebooks.

Then of course, there is that language business. These French alphabet cards should get me started. (From bibitty on Etsy)

And I ought to start getting to know my way around. (With help from studiokmo)

So I’ll need a way to get around. (Thanks to 86ForTheHome)

Fitting in with stylish French women is of utmost importance, but easy thanks to these great finds.


My tummy will need to get prepared for the French diet with these treats.


But for now, staring at this great print as I fall asleep will have to do. (By elgarboart

The obsession continues: check out the Treasury I made on Etsy.

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