A Girl Can Dream, of the Pacific Northwest

After a three year hiatus, I will be crawling off the rock to visit family in Oregon and Washington, where I grew up. Not sure why it took so long, but let’s just say it is easy to get sucked into the Big Island vortex. While reading Snow Falling on Cedars (obviously I liked this book, one word: imagery) I began to miss many sights, sounds, and smells of the Pacific Northwest.

I’ll be considering flowers, especially roses. How many colors can we find? My favorite is the peachy one.

Cassia Beck

And eating fruit. Cherries, peaches, blackberries? We used to pick blackberries for days. They probably won’t be ready to pick in July, but just seeing those old sticker bushes again will do.


Admiring wild, rushing rivers, and I hear there will be plenty of rush. Maybe if it’s really warm we’ll go for a dunk.


Shuddering for colossal crashing waves against rocky cliffs. Inhaling that salty, mossy air that you can’t smell anywhere else.


Walking through the woods among the wonderful ferny, wet, fauna of greenness. The trees, the mud, the snowmelt creeks, the giant trees. I love it all and can’t wait.

Elemental Images

Don’t even get me started on what I miss about Portland. What did I leave out? What are your favorite things about the Pacific Northwest?


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