Quick Hair Tip – DeGunk Those Locks

Spending long summer days in the ocean and at the pool is horrific for the hair. My hair had been feeling tacky and sticky and generally yucky no matter how many times I washed it, until a trip to the salon cleared it right up. My hair dresser recommended adding a little baking soda to my regular shampoo, which I tried right away and it worked beautifully. To a couple TBL shampoo in the palm of my hand I added another couple TBL of baking soda, mixed it around with my finger and scrubbed the mane good, leaving it in for a couple minutes for good measure. Rinse well.


She also recommended I get ahold of a quality clarifying shampoo and use that every so often. I found some good ones on Etsy:

Fresh Rinse of Belle Hair – SoapStarCanada

Lavender Herbal Wash – beautyinbalance

How do you get rid of the pool greens?

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