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On her blog “Choosing Raw”, Gena made a list of “7 links” that sum up her “most” posts. It’s a little game that’s been running through the blogosphere lately, and after you finish stating your 7 “mosts,” you tag other bloggers and request theirs. Here are my “7 links,” and although I still feel like a baby blogger, it’s fun to do a little self-reflection. 

1) My Most Beautiful Post

“Dream Days -and watermelon cocktail nights-“

Not only did the photos turn out pretty, thanks to the warm afternoon sunlight, but this post represented one of the best days ever recorded in my history. 

2) My Most Popular Post

“A Girl Can Dream, of the Pacific Northwest” 

I’ve done a small series of these “A Girl Can Dream,” posts and this one happened to be my most popular post of all. I wrote it before taking a trip back to Oregon, where I grew up, and shared all the things I’d been missing about the area and couldn’t wait to see again. I guess my yearnings struck a cord with all of you. 

3) My Most Controversial Post

“Gotta Try This: Homemade Eggnog”

Not many of my posts are controversial. Maybe that needs to change. In any case, I’d written this post urging people to try making their own eggnog, which contains a lot of raw eggs. It didn’t even occur to me that consuming raw eggs can be less than desirable for your health until a reader left a comment with a warning and helpful suggestion. This was actually my very first comment from someone I didn’t know, so it actually felt pretty awesome to know that someone besides friends and family were reading this blog;) 

4) My Most Helpful Post

“Veggie Sandwich: Double Dose”

Choosing Raw image

The feedback I got after this post was really fun. Most people, including me, had never thought about putting squash on a sandwich. It’s recipes like this that helps me stick with this vegetarian thing, thanks Gena

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised me


Still not sure why this one hit, I guess a lot of people enjoy the verbena smell, too. I just planted a lemon verbena by the way, can’t wait to make some tea with it! 

6) A Post I Didn’t Think Got the Attention it Deserved

“Portland Love”

Maybe my sentimentality for Portland got in the way, maybe the photos just weren’t all that great, (working on that by the way) this was a post I really loved putting together and was eager to share. Well I like it anyhow, and now I have a record of this fun Portland trip.  

7) The Post I’m Most Proud Of

“To Infinity…And Beyond!”

As I begin working, this time as a teacher, in the very same classroom the boy mentioned in this post and I spent two years side by side, pride fills my heart. I am so very proud to have known him, to have loved him, and because of him had the guts to go back to school and become a teacher. 

Well that was kinda fun, and mostly humbling, now I feel like I have a lot of blogging to do! Ever forward. 

Now I’m gonna tag some friends, and see if they’ll join in the fun, too:

1. Becky (The Fab Miss B) 
2. L (Black and Blonde One)
3. Kristin (Camels and Chocolate) 
4. Sarah (The Stroller Ballet) 


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