On Running


My mom wanted to run a 5k while I was visiting the mainland recently. I’m not a runner. I hate running. In fact the thought of running a 5k terrified me. I also don’t like feeling terrified. So I started running.

We never did run the 5k but I am up to 2.8 miles (my personal record) at one time without stopping. I seriously believed that running more than a mile without stopping was impossible for me. Accomplishing stuff feels good. My original goal was 3 miles, now I’m bumping that up to 5.

The real question is: did I actually turn into someone who likes running? First let’s hear the reasons I hated running before: it’s hard, it’s boring, it’s sweaty, and I’m not a proponent of high-impact exercise, due to it’s effect on the body. In reality, it’s really not that hard. Once you get going, it goes way faster than many other workouts, eliminating boredom. And it turns out getting sweaty can be super satisfying like, “wow I’m so sweaty and buff.” As far as running being high-impact, it totally is, but I’m not running a marathon here. I’m officially embarrassed about all the complaining that happened in year’s past regarding running at softball practice. Sorry coach.

So yeah, I like running now. Not to mention 200 minutes per week of exercise will make you 20 years younger, and 8 was my favorite age. Next on the list, get some new running shoes. Suggestions? 


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