Food Tales: Into the Deep South

We made our way to the geographical deep south this weekend, also known as South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

While in the deep south, we always stop at the “Hana Hou” cafe.

How do you not love a place that puts their sugar in this little mug? I wish you could see the interior; aqua blue diner chairs, garlands of paper cranes, twinkling Airstream lights, and one glorious dessert case. Charm to the max. 
They do have a great home cooking style menu, I had the grilled cheese because it’s made with fresh baked bread, but please save room for dessert. Dustin had a peanut butter brownie. 

And let’s just take a moment and appreciate a coffee mug like this. The white chocolate raspberry brownie was pretty amazing, too.

Just when you thought the place couldn’t get any cuter, you take a trip to the restroom out back and are greeted by this lovely little Japanese garden complete with pond and fountain.

My favorite detail of the visit was a tiny plastic pony residing in a potted plant near our table.

Best cafe ever. 


5 thoughts on “Food Tales: Into the Deep South

  1. hey guys I was checking out the facebook and wanted to ay I’m happy you all enjoyed the Hana Hou. Thanks for all the great feedback I had forgotten about the airstream trailer lights. They finally bit the dust and were replaced with cute little bamboo lites. Things tend to corrode here in the tropics. Glad you appreciate the eclectic decor. Its design on a dime. As we say here in the islands A Hui Hou until we are together again, Aloha from Patty and Drake…owners


  2. so happy you liked the Hana Hou . I had forgotten the airstream trailer lites. We had to replace them as things corrode here in the tropics. Thanks for all the good comments and glad you enjoy my eclectic decor and food. As we say here in the islands A Hui Hou until we meat again Aloha Patty and Drake Fujimoto


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