Food Tales: Beach Feast

So a SPAM musubi may not be what some people call “vegetarian.” But it is also what some people (ok, me) call “the world’s most perfect food.” Every time I pass ChoiceMart, I have to stop and get one. Go ahead and judge me, eating SPAM pretty much goes against everything I believe in.

Let’s balance things out with a nice seaweed salad.

And a weird fruit called jaboticaba. Hawaii has lots of weird fruits and that’s fun.

What’s an afternoon at the beach without a cold one?

 This beach is known for a pod of dolphins that hang out in the bay. If they are feeling friendly you can swim with them. Yeah, I did that.

Don’t forget the boiled peanuts. What a beach feast!

My sister set up camp at this beach for a few days, wish I could join her. It seems the women in our family have an affinity for solo camping. It is a wonderful way to do some self-reflection.

Hey, before you leave, take a moment and vote for my Hawaiian Style Fish Chowder. All you gotta do is click HERE and give me a “thumbs up.” Mahalo blogger friends!


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