Cookie Bars that Talk

 What do you say when a friend is going through a tough time? Tougher than anything you’ve gone through in you own life? There are no pieces of advice you can offer or condolences to give.

But you can make cookie bars. You can measure out the flour and oats and salt and sugar.

You can lovingly cut in the butter with only a fork and your hands. There’s lots of love in your hands.

You can arrange it just so in the pan, making it perfectly straight even though life is far from it.

You can watch it bake in the oven and count your tiny blessings.

 You can think good thoughts for your friends and bring them these cookies bars when there’s nothing you can say. Because cookie bars, and anything you make from your heart, does the talking.

Do something nice for someone right now.

Maybe you’ll make these cookie bars. Here’s the recipe: Raspberry Cookie Bars
I used blackberry in place of raspberry jam.


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