Hash Browns for Dinner

Stuck in a rut? First, listen to this: Joy the Baker podcast. Then, make yourself some hash browns for dinner. Shutterbean is my constant inspiration! Third, make the hash brown fill the entire pan and then (try to) flip it. This type of challenge is good for your brain. And your wrists. Look at that giant hash brown!

Never made hash browns? Don’t be afraid, it’s quick and easy and your belly will be happy. Oh and it’s fun to flip them in the pan. Did I mention that?

Hash Browns
serves as many as you like!

grated potatoes (as many as you need to feed your household, 1 per person if this is a main dish)
grated yellow onion (onion to potato ratio should be 1:4)
olive oil
salt & pepper

After grating onion and potato, mix them together in a small bowl with a little olive oil and some salt & pepper with your hands.

Place a cast iron pan over medium-high heat. Slap some hash in the pan and brown in for 6-8 minutes, flipping once browned.

Top with avocado, tomato, a fried egg, hot sauce, whatever sounds good.

I dare you to make a giant hash brown! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Hash Browns for Dinner

  1. I find the trick to a great hashbrown is using a little oil but not too much. If there’s too much oil, the potatos suck it all up and they just get soggy instead of browned and a little crispy on the outside. One of my favourite things to do, used to be going to Waffle House and ordering Hashbrowns all the way as a meal. They put an obscene amount of unusual stuff in them but it was so tasty. xoxo


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