Bleu Cheese, Pear & Lavender Pizza

I’m not sure if this pizza could get any more girly. I mean, it has flowers on it.

But if you’re not a girl and you still want to eat this, then do that.

This pizza was born when my husband wanted to get the Safeway take-and-bake pizza AGAIN. I have a hard time eating the same things over and over so I got myself one of their raw pizza crusts. And no, Safeway is not paying me to post this. I freaking wish.

The main goal was to make a pizza Dustin wouldn’t want to eat so that I could have the leftovers all to myself. Trust me, he ain’t eatin’ nothin’ with lavender on it.

This pizza was super easy to throw together and the mix of delicate flavors and zippy cheese makes me feel like a natural woman.

Feel Like a Woman Pizza with Bleu Cheese, Pear & Lavender
serves 4

1 – 12″ pizza crust (I used the Safeway take & bake version)
olive oil
1/2 Asian pear, sliced in 1/4 inch pieces
1/2 cup or so bleu cheese
1/4 cup grated parmesan
2 TBL fresh lavender or 1 tsp dried

Pre-heat oven according to directions on pizza crust. Drizzle olive oil on the crust after stretching it to desired thickness. Sprinkle on bleu cheese, crumbling it as you go along. Arrange pear slices in a pretty pattern. Grate parmesan over all. Sprinkle lavender on last. Bake according to crust directions, usually 15-20 minutes at 375.

Garnish with some lavender flowers to serve. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Bleu Cheese, Pear & Lavender Pizza

  1. You always come up with the best ideas! I thought I’d managed to cheese myself out with that shepherds pie (and my arteries as well) but this sounds so nommy! You literally have me sitting here working through my weeks mental menu to see how long I feel like I can go without trying this. I don’t want a cheese induced heart attack. But it sounds so good – it almost seems worth the risk! I mean, it’s not THAT much cheese. Right? Flowers…clever. Yes, all the left overs will be miiiiiine. (Cue evil laughter here).


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