So Long 2011!

Before I let the door hit 2011 on the butt on the way out, let’s have a quick gander at what this year brought my way.

In 2011:

I gave up meat. Success! Going meatless led to much more creative cooking.

I graduated and became a teacher.

I visited my hometown of Portland, Oregon for the first time in over 3 years.

I rode my first waves.

I backpacked along the face of a volcano.

I started running and completed my first 5k.

I faced my fears in Denver and caught up with some of the best people on planet Earth.

And turned 29 with a bang.

Let’s not forget all the wonderful friends I made this year!

In case you were wondering, my most popular post by far was: Birthday Brownies and a List.

Keep it classy tonight ladies! Talk to you next year.


2 thoughts on “So Long 2011!

  1. Wow Gwen. That is an amay-zing year. Congratulations on all you accomplished. Those are some major things. Can’t wait to see what you conquer this coming year. Warmest wishes to you and all your family.


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