How To Dry Lavender

My second wedding will be a lavender theme. Lavender bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and tables overflowing with lavender filled arrangements adorn the outdoor setting while my guests dance in a lavender haze.

Well, there is no second wedding, but wouldn’t that be beautiful? Check out this real life wedding I found on Pinterest

Lavender can be sipped in tea or sprinkled in a relaxing bath. It can be eaten in pizza and scones. Or rubbed on the skin. Choose your own lavender adventure, but don’t let those flowers go to waste.

All you need to do is trim off the flowers while they are still blooming, making sure you get a long stem on them. Tie the bundle up with a rubber band, and hang them upside down in a dark, dry place, like a garage. Here’s my garage!

What’s your favorite way to use lavender? Please share!


4 thoughts on “How To Dry Lavender

  1. That wedding was true precious with the lavender on the cake. In our last house we had so much lavender growing in our garden. I dried mine the same as you and the garage smelled ridiculously good. I think you were the first person I’d seen to use it on a pizza and I need to remember to incorporate that again. That was tasty. I think my favorite way of using it in the past has been when I was making my own shampoos and conditioners.


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