Naked Ladies and Nutella

Hello orange, meet Nutella. Oh, you’ve met? How nice. Oh, you’re in love and planning a fall wedding? Fantastic!

Would you like to come with me to their wedding? All you need is a juicy winter orange and a scoop of Nutella in a bowl and you’re invited.

This wedding feast was an afternoon snack for me as I worked on some drawings. I’ve been attending a life drawing class at the wonderful Donkey Mill art center.

I’m no artist, but drawing is a sort of meditation for me, it quiets the mind as you focus on light and shadow.

And speaking of shadow, I’m into the shadows in these photos. I know it’s not technically “right” but I dunno, I think it looks cool.

Enjoy your snack!


5 thoughts on “Naked Ladies and Nutella

  1. Ooh…that looks so good. I’ve wanted to try nutella but was a little hesitant because I heard it is addicting but if I can eat it with a little fruit instead of bread/crackers, it could add some variety to my dessert, my usual is strawberries/whip cream/brown sugar.


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