Results are in: Sweet Potatoes

Newly harvested

Waaaaay back in June I planted some Molokai sweet potatoes that had sprouted on my kitchen counter. These sprouted kiddos were actually from potatoes I found in my garden after neglecting it for several months.

Just before planting 9 months ago

Fast forward 9 months and we had ourselves more sweet potato babies! Here’s how it all started: “Grow your own Sweet Potatoes.” This was a very easy process however it did take much longer than I thought and I had to transfer the plants to a proper garden bed because they needed more room to grow.

They are indeed tasty, but sadly I won’t be replanting more, I just don’t have enough room. This year (next week the planting begins) we’ll be growing carrots, lots of greens, asparagus (as always), tomatoes, and eggplant.

What’s going in your garden this year? 


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