Apples and Eggs (wordless Wednesday)

Apples and Eggs recipe by Simply Breakfast

This tasted like French toast without the toast. Ok, no more words.


2 thoughts on “Apples and Eggs (wordless Wednesday)

  1. You think of combinations I would never dream of but I trust ya. I have a hard time with no words! I always gotta say something.By the way, speaking of apples, I used to go to this Italian place on Oahu, Arranccinos and they had a gorgonzola apple pizza that was wonderful but I had time convincing people to try it.


  2. Apples and Eggs, uh? I can see how that works, but I never tried that before. Have I ever told you my grandpa’s famous jelly egg toast? It’s exactly what it is: any jelly on toast and an egg right on top. It’s so good. One day, I’m going to try the apple and egg.


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