When Pigs Fly

Bacon. Pancetta. Andouille sausage. Treats I’d given up due to a commitment to eat as much locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Until now guys, until now.

The Big Island officially has charcuterie, made by talented chef Devin of “When Pigs Fly Island Charcuterie.” 

He and his wife, Kristin, post up every Saturday at the Keauhou Farmer’s Market and every Wednesday at the Kings’ Shops Farmer’s Market. They offer a long list of sausages, including the popular Portuguese and the practical breakfast sausage, as well as bacon, pancetta, and other tasty treats. Also available are a variety of take-away meals and snacks such as tacos. You don’t want to miss out on Devin’s cooking.

Be sure to arrive early for your top picks as they almost always sell out. Did I mention they use locally sourced pork and grass-fed beef? Major!

“When Pigs Fly Island Charcuterie” also does catering and accepts advance orders for pick-up. The best way to contact them is via their Facebook page.

P.S. I was not paid for this post, I’m just stoked about getting my hands on some real pancetta.


2 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. Looks amazing! I admire your mission to eat as many locally sourced foods as possible, great taste and likely healthier as well as no stuff in a bag or box with a long list of ingredients 🙂


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