Sustainable Sunday: NYC Farmer’s Markets

I said it before and I’ll say it again, New York has awesome farmer’s markets. There is a market everyday of the week, throughout the year, in Manhattan and several throughout the week in the outer boroughs. Check out GrowNYC for a full schedule, including the farms that participate at each market and what you can expect to buy there. Most farmers come from New Jersey and the outlying areas of New York state.

While entering the Staten Island Ferry this week, I came across a farmer’s market right in the terminal. Stone fruits, bread, honey, and berries were on offer. You know I grabbed some cherries.

On my way to queue up for a visit to the Statue of Liberty, I ran into the Battery Park garden, a community garden that works with local schools to educate kids about growing food. Wow! They had a huge garden full of healthy veggies. This I did not expect to see in the city.

Now that I’m staying in Brooklyn, I wanted to check out one of their markets, this one was in Prospect Park. Guys, I have to say I’m really jealous. This market seriously has everything. I thought Hawaii’s markets would by far out shine those in New York, but I was very wrong. Brooklyn’s market had the usual selection of fruits and veggies, but they also had a wide range of meats, including duck, chicken, and pork, cheeses, grains, even milk! I’m so blown away and impressed.

My Sustainable Sunday meal consisted of a potato knish (pastry stuffed with mashed potato), apple, and apple cider from the Brooklyn market.

Brooklyn, I think I love you.


6 thoughts on “Sustainable Sunday: NYC Farmer’s Markets

  1. The food in your pictures look delicious! I haven’t been to any farmer’s markets yet, but I’m going to need to!


  2. Wow – I would have thought Hawaii’s markets would have been way better as well … hard to imagine anything better than Waimea’s market … will now have to get over to NYC – thanks for sharing all of this information… can you do a special next on Denver’s farmers markets so that I know what I am getting myself into? MISS YOU!


  3. I’m soooo jealous. I know I don’t do well in big cities long term but NYC seems to have so much to offer. So glad you’re sharing your trip with us and letting us get to see all of your finds.


  4. OH MY! That puts KCC’s one to shame!!!! I am so jealous that you are in NYC right now. How is it? It must be so awesome. I wonder if I would like NYC. Anyway, thanks for sharing your trip thus far. I’m still bummed that I didn’t get to see you when you were in O’ahu.


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