Sustainable Sunday: Berries and Cream

It is hot. New York is hotter than hot. Yes, I’m complaining and yes, I can hear you laughing. This Hawaii girl is not used to 99 degrees. As I crawled to the farmer’s market in the blaring heat, cooking was the last thing on my mind.

Thankfully, these raspberries saved the day. Oh little red jewel of perfect berryness, how I’ve missed you.

Apparently, I’m too hot to take a photo in focus. Anyway, my idea was to slurp up the raspberries in a bowl of cream, but the milk bottles were bigger than one gal could consume in a couple days. The fellow at Ronnybrook took pity on me and gave me this smaller jug of chocolate milk.

I must say this is the best Sustainable Sunday meal that ever was. Seriously, the berries were perfectly sweet and the milk, guys the milk! Creamy, cold, consumed in nearly one gulp. My stomach could die right now and go to foodie heaven. Please tell me that’s a real place.


4 thoughts on “Sustainable Sunday: Berries and Cream

  1. LOL. Oh no…it sounds like you are melting up there. Do you see kids playing in front of a fire hydrant? I always envision how NYC kids do. LOLI really liked your meal. Chocolate milk and raspberries…awesome.


  2. I treated myself to some raspberries the other day and ate a ton in like an hour. They are such an awesome summer luxury, and totally the first thing I will plant when I live in a real house with a real garden!


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