Exotic Fruit 101: Mountain Apple

Hilo Mountain Apple

The mountain apple is known for being a “canoe plant.” The Polynesians who first came to settle the Hawaiian islands, coming from afar in their canoes, brought a few precious plants with them, not knowing what they would find when arriving in the new lands. Among these plants was the sturdy mountain apple tree.

We don’t see the mountain apple as much on the Kona (dry side) of the Big Island so I happily gathered a healthy share at the Hilo (wet side) farmer’s market. This small fruit, no bigger than a baseball, is shaped like a pear, with a similar consistency. It tastes of pear, apple, and plum with a noticeable hit of rose petals.

We harvest them in the summer months, so if you see them at the farmer’s market, a local fruit stand, or auntie’s tree, give them a try.


7 thoughts on “Exotic Fruit 101: Mountain Apple

  1. I just died and went to mountain apple heaven. I haven’t had mountain apples in ages. It’s not as easy to get it here and when there are some…it’s small. I can’t wait to get my hands on some next month. I might take some home with me. That reminds me…I need to bring a cooler with me. I find it funny…you can always tell who is flying inter-island, because they are always bring a cooler as their luggage.


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