Ka’u Coffee Festival Ho’olaule’a

Iced mocha from the Flyin’ Hawaiian

The Ka’u Coffee Festival‘s big event was held on May 4th in Pahala. Crowds of people from all over the Big Island and beyond gathered to enjoy the best coffees Ka’u has to offer.

There were plenty of coffee samples, ono food, crafts from local vendors, music, dancing, and the “Ka’u Coffee Experience,” a sampling of coffees prepared in a variety of different methods by brewing experts.

Clouds for days but no rain

Who knew there were so many different ways to make coffee? The coffee experts carefully weighed the beans before grinding, brought the water up to specific temperatures before brewing, and showed us that the size of the spigot matters when pouring water over coffee grounds. The most unique brewing method was the cold brew; ice slowly melts and drips through a coffee filter to create a special drinking experience 12 hours later. Now that’s caffeine commitment.

Cold brewed coffee

We enjoyed a teriyaki beef plate made with local beef by the 4-H club and an iced mocha from the Flyin’ Hawaiian coffee truck. Our favorite coffee of the day (although it was extremely hard to choose) came from Rusty’s Hawaiian with great, fruity flavors.

4-H’ers say, eat local!

If you missed it this year, mark your calendars for next year’s Ka’u Coffee Festival held in spring in Pahala.


One thought on “Ka’u Coffee Festival Ho’olaule’a

  1. Hi Gwen,Thanks so much for the shout out! We’re curious to know which of our coffees you liked so much.(Based on the description, we think it was the Natural Yellow Caturra, but we’d love to know for sure.)And belated congratulations on winning the Triple C Recipe Contest! We’ll have to try making your Coco Mocha Roca and the Brigadeiros. 🙂


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