Quick and Easy Horchata


Horchata is a refreshing drink popular throughout Spain and Latin America usually made from rice and almonds and involves soaking and straining the rice and nuts. I love horchata but I’ll tell you right now you’ll not catch me painstakingly straining rice in the wee hours. While not authentic, this version is good and kids love slurping “rice juice.”

I served horchata, along with sangria and a full blown taco bar at a self-hosted (well I did have a lot of help) going away party yesterday. The taco bar theme made hostessing super easy as I provided tortillas, meat, and beans and asked guests to bring a topping or side. Some friends manned the grill while inside all we had to do was make all the food fit on the table.

Of course it rained all day. It’s been raining everyday this month. Growing up in Oregon, I got sick of the rain, but it’s viewed very differently here in Hawaii. Water is the source of life, making rain one of the biggest blessings. Not only did it rain, it poured, it thundered and lightning zapped over the ocean. Hawaiians believe that the god Lono shows himself in the material world through natural events like storms and high seas. Maybe Lono came to bless us yesterday.

Sign of a good party in Hawaii
Sign of a good party in Hawaii

And this party. This party was just the best ever. Surrounded by people I love, my next steps feel easy to take, even if they take me away from all of them. The gratitude I feel for the friends and family I have here in Hawaii could fill the Pacific a hundred times. It’s easy to get absorbed in difficulties and forget the blessings. My blessings, in fact the greatest gift in my life, filled my home yesterday with healing love and laughter.

Mahalo to all for sharing your lives with me.


Quick and Easy Horchata
serves 8-10

1 quart rice milk
1 quart almond milk
1/2 – 3/4 cup agave syrup (depending on how sweet you want it)
1 tsp vanilla extract
several dashes cinnamon

In a juice pitcher whisk together rice milk, almond milk, agave, and vanilla. Top with cinnamon and keep cold. Top with another dash of cinnamon when serving.

Note: the horchata will separate after a couple hours in the fridge. Just re-whisk and you’re good to go.


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