Road Trip 2014: Seattle

Posing with peonies in front of Pikes in Seattle
Posing with peonies in front of Pikes in Seattle

Let the road tripping begin! I picked up my car in Seattle after shipping it from Hilo, which was a breeze. Decided to relax in Seattle for a few days to get my bearings before heading out to visit my folks in Eastern Washington.

My friend Erika, who lives about 20 minutes north of Seattle was an amazing hostess. In only two days at her house, I learned to knit, how to make all natural face scrub and a handful of natural skin care tips. Did you know that coconut oil could probably solve world peace?

In between learning from Erika, we got the chance to do a little Seattle exploring. We headed out to The Walrus and the Carpenter in the Ballard district for food. Don’t have much to say about it except that I won’t be recommending it to all of you. I refuse to be a hipster. Refuse.

My highlight (no surprise here) was a trip to Pike Place Market, the big central marketplace in downtown. You can pick up anything from fresh flowers, to fish, to pre-made food, to gifts of all sorts. My favorite shop was MarketSpice, where I loaded up on super cheap loose teas and spices. You can order from them online, too. We also grabbed some healthy Indian food to go and armfuls of fresh flowers (peonies are in season).

I had a wonderful time in Seattle. It was easy to navigate, I somehow escaped the traffic, and the sun was out. Perfect.

Hey that's my car! In front of the space needle!
Hey that’s my car! In front of the space needle!


Onward! My next stops are the Columbia River Gorge and Portland. Please leave me a comment if you have any farmers’ market tips or local foodie specialties to recommend.




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