Let’s Go To Maine

Roadside house in Maine
Roadside house in Maine

Let’s pick apples for juicing and drink a beer with a cinnamon sugar rim.

Let’s crunch leaves and choose a few really red ones to put in our hair and admire the wind blowing the birches.

photo 3

Let’s drive up the coast and stop when we see a cozy place to have tea looking over the water.

Let’s praise the blue fall sky and the peeling white houses with glassed-in porches.

Let’s drink too much coffee and scarf thick peanut butter cookies.

Let’s listen to the accents and wish we could drop an “r” like that.

Peanut butter cookie time
Peanut butter cookie time

Let’s eat bass caught in the backyard river with our fingers and sweet corn that’s a little too small.

Let’s get jobs here and stay the winter by the fire eating noodles without a plan.

Let’s go to Maine.

Machias, Maine
Machias, Maine

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