You Have Arrived

Fisterre, Galicia, Spain
Fisterre, Galicia, Spain

What if you decided today was good enough to eat? To sink your teeth into a second helping until your belly was warm and full?

You’ve arrived and you’re fabulous, amazing and worthy.

Look around. There is someone smiling into a laptop, a perfect crema on that espresso, a wink of sun on a cold day, a friendly cashier at the grocery.

Keep looking. There are crunchy leaves in the grass, a sunrise on your way to work, an unexpected text from a friend, a baked sweet potato on a plate. There’s the laughter coming from your neighbor’s house, a dog to walk, a dollar in your pocket, new boots to wear. There’s blooming lavender in a pot, morning meditation, a day off from work, a warm shower.

Maybe you have a friend (or two or 12) to call when feeling sad. Or a friend (or two or 29) to call when feeling happy. Maybe your legs are strong enough to walk you around the park, even in the rain. Maybe you have a car to drive around the busy streets with the heater turned up high. Maybe you have a bed with a pillow, a kitchen with a little food, a place to go when trouble comes.

Is there a moment that strikes you as special? Is it the blue vein in a piece of sanded wood, or a crack in the sidewalk making the letter “K,” or a three second moment to take a double deep breath? Is it your favorite mug, or leftovers for lunch, or a penny in your shoe? Did you get an extra minute in the shower to shave your legs, or wear just the right shade of lip gloss, or take the time to notice the man in a business suit relishing a double scoop of mint chip in a waffle cone like a child?

After an extraordinary summer and an autumn that just won’t quit, and now after settling down for a hot minute or two in Denver, the ordinary things are creeping back into my life. Things like cooking dinner every night, taking the compost out, trying to type with a cup of tea in one hand and a dog on my lap, watching a (ok, at least three) episode(s) of Friday Night Lights. Compared to the go go go I’ve been getting after these last few months, I’m feeling dang domestic at the moment. It’s nice to have some room to breathe. I’m reminded that the events of our lives happen in their own good time and that while life today is slow and steady, tomorrow it could easily be fast and spinning.

You can love someone a little. You can smile. You can appreciate the amazing creation that is you and that is me walking on this planet alone but together on this day. And maybe we can be alright with that today. Yeah, I have choices to make and tough times to face and lots and lots of work to do, but today I have absolutely everything I need. I am absolutely full and free. This life, it’s enough.

Beach near Fisterre, Spain
Beach near Fisterre, Spain

2 thoughts on “You Have Arrived

  1. lovely, lovely, lovely….just what I needed on this Thursday, October 30, 2014. Privileged to have spent time with you…when back in Oregon hope you stop by.


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