The Door is Open

Breckenridge, Colorado
Breckenridge, Colorado

Knock. Knock.

After the crunch of my feet in the snow ceased and the dogs stood still, listening for clues, I noticed the woodpeckers on all sides of us. They were up in the pine trees knocking away with their beaks. Black and white and red they were easy to spot high up there against a blue day in South Dakota. I was taking a little retreat time in the Black Hills to write, refocus, get centered and apparently to get prepared. I watched the busy birds for a time while the dogs dug holes in the snow and stuck their snouts in, looking for mice or bugs or whatever it is they insist is moving under there.

Back at the cabin I looked up the meaning of seeing a woodpecker, because I’m into that sort of thing, and also horoscopes and Chinese astrology because it’s fun and I’m a sucker for symbolism. Woodpeckers symbolize opportunity. They see an opening in a tree and work to get at what’s inside.

I knocked at the door. The door is open. It’s time to walk in.

Shortly after moving to Denver I met up with a camino friend who happens to live in Breckenridge. Through her, I found out about a coffee shop space for lease in that little ski town. On less than a whim, I decided to apply for it.

Yellow Arrow Coffee will be opening in January 2015.

Folks, friends, neighbors and foes the time is now, the woodpeckers are telling you to answer the door. Keep walking, keep dreaming, paddle out, paddle on, hold on, hold tight, keep the ball rolling, and most importantly follow those little yellow arrows.

Life is sweet, life is salty, bitter and umami. Come to Breckenridge and have a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you all about this crazy journey I’m on, and hopefully you will tell me yours.

Don’t worry, more details to come soon.

Knock. Knock.


5 thoughts on “The Door is Open

  1. Not all of us have the ability to know when opportunity comes knocking…So glad you opened that door and took hold of this opportunity and are getting that show on the road…I know you will do well!
    All the best wishes for a very grand opening and long run!


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