You Were Made For This

Fisterre, Galicia, Spain
Fisterre, Galicia, Spain

After walking a bleary two hours from the beach up into the hills, along a forested trail in the Basque country, I stopped to take in the view from the courtyard of a church. It had rained that morning and the stone floor and walls took on a silver sheen. The ocean stretched gray and large out beyond the greenest sheep pastures. A pile of teen pilgrims slept under the church awning and all was quiet. Emotion grabbed me without warning. How how how was I here, after everything that had gone on, how was I still standing? Not only standing but walking at least 10 miles a day saddled with a heavy pack and a heavier heart. The answer rang in my heart louder than any call I’d heard before. I was made for this. For long, silent walks through the forest. For carrying my life on my back. For leaving it all behind to seek adventure. For seeking it on my own. This was what I was made for, this moment, when all that mattered was taking another step. I’d survived, thrived, won.

I had one of these moments today. A defining moment, a wake up call moment, a serene moment, a moment of pure joy. Yellow Arrow Coffee was full of people: a group of women discussing a fundraiser, each of them cradling yellow mugs in two hands, a pair of men one young and one older comparing ski stories over a late lunch, a tween, now one of my regulars, taking a break from studying to savor a cinnamon steamer, our mutual favorite flavor, an older gentleman reading the paper and squeezing an extra dollop of honey into his Fire in the Heart tea and assuring me he’d be back several times a week. And emotion grabbed me without warning. This this this was why I was here. Yes, vacuuming and washing dishes and wiping tables are less than glamorous. Yes, most of my waking hours are spent within the four walls of a basement room. Yes, it is a risk financially, professionally, personally. But being able to give those people today a place to chat, to sip, to savor, to enjoy, to relax, to ponder, well this absolutely answers the song of my heart. I was made for this.

When you come to Yellow Arrow, I want you to feel welcome, to feel at home, to feel like being there is a secret special treat between the two of us. So that’s why my friends you won’t be able to order a breakfast burrito or a bagel on the run. This is a place to hideaway with a tea that gives you déjà vu, to clink a cup with a real saucer and a silver spoon, to have another refill and watch the snow fall, to remember something magical about childhood.

So let’s lock the doors after closing and pour the perfect French press with Kona coffee. Tell me everything you know about Spain or Turkey or France. Spend the day on the red couch reading a book cover to cover. Get inspired to find the song of your heart.



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