The Last Line

“I realized there was one more line…I gotta really pack it in here…Like right now in my life that’s where it’s at, I got like one more line. I gotta put it in there, I got one more chance.”  Phil Volker, from Phil’s Camino 

Follow that arrow
Follow that arrow

If everybody did it, we wouldn’t call it “risk.” Not everyone moves to another city for a job. We aren’t all brave enough to raise a human being, let alone multiple. You’ve taken the plunge and gotten married or stood up and walked through a divorce. You’ve risked your heart, your wallet, your health, your sanity, to live your dreams.

Would you do it all again? Would you scale the mountain even though you were stopped the first time by impending avalanche? Would you marry that man even if you knew it would end? Would you have that third kid if it meant going broke?

Of course you would. Of course. Taking a risk means sometimes you fail. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you break even. You put yourself out there, jumping feet first into this world when you decided to live it. We’re not just talking breathing and eating, we’re talking about that time when you plugged your nose and jumped in.

It’s your life and your dream and your risk to take. We’re all adults here. We know the odds. But something inside us says, “go to culinary school,” or “move to Hawaii,” or “start a rock band.” And so we do.

Phil is right you know. This could be it. This is it. Your chance to write that last line. What will it be pilgrim? Will you come to the end of your life and say, my dream is too risky, I might fail. Of course you won’t. You’ll write that last line if it fucking kills you. And it might.

Forget money and where you were born and even who you love. This is your life, your breath in your mouth. No, you can’t and don’t have it all. But you have dreams, I know that you do. I know that failing is very real, for me, for you. But that little inside voice is not going to shut up until you make the decision to write that last line. And you’ll write it.

Of course you will.


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