How Kind of You

What if we looked past those arguments, the hair that won’t curl right, those last five pounds? We could double lock the door on our projections for the future, we could shut the window on past hurts and pain. What would it look like, who would we be if just for this one day we were the very kindest, best self we could think of? We could stop worrying about the pants that won’t button anymore, about the I love you that wasn’t returned, about our aching feet that probably won’t get a rest today or tomorrow or any day soon.

You could buy your sister some flowers, or zip your lip and at the rude clerk. You could write a postcard to a friend who lives far away or walk outside in the early morning and pick wildflowers heavy with dew. You could smile a genuine toothy grin at any face that meets yours, or give someone a cupcake, the pretty one with the frosting piled high. We could make ourselves a hot breakfast, turn off the TV, call our mothers if we have them, or an aunt or nephew if we don’t.

Leave a dollar on the seat for someone else to find. Slow down on the freeway. Let your heart feel a little gratitude for having what many do not. Clean up someone else’s mess. Eat popcorn for dinner. Say a tiny prayer for those so lost that none of this is possible.

Don’t forget the person who most deserves your kindness. You deserve a long bath with a cup of tea. You deserve a lunch break and a bicycle ride. You deserve friends who call on a Tuesday and loved ones who will drive all night to see you. You deserve happiness in your heart, joy in your belly, freedom between your toes.

Let’s just all be nice. It isn’t hard. Let your daughter listen to her favorite song 13 times in a row. Then sing along on the 14th time. Give the server an extra buck. Ease off your partner for making that clicking sound with his tongue when telling a story. Take a minute to text back.

Just for today, let’s lighten the load. Take the worries off your back. Close your eyes and whisper a wish. Then really believe it could happen to you. Kindness starts today. Kindness starts with my hands and your ears and our words. Try.




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