The Adults Can Hush

Cowboys boots AND a dress. Yes.

Little Gwennie wants to stay up past midnight. She does not like to brush her hair and wants to wear sandals everyday. She is deeply disappointed in Big Gwen’s wardrobe and insists that popcorn is dinner. Indeed it is.

What if we stopped scolding our inner child for once? What if we allowed Little Gwennie to get a trampoline, to eat cake for breakfast, to skip her homework just this once? Although our inner children are a little naughty, they are also pretty perceptive. You know those moments when a kid comes up with an insight that blows your mind. Well, adult friends, we were those kids once. Before we learned to restrain ourselves, put screens up in front of our emotions, before we were taught to filter our thoughts, we were really, really fun kids.

And now that we’re adults, we can still be those fun kids without getting in trouble. The great beauty of adulthood! We can do whatever, WHATEVER, we want. So here’s your chance friends, let your inner child out, seek that joyful human you used to be.

Little Gwennie loves to sing and dance. She wants to go for long drives just so we can play the same song over and over to learn all the words and then sing it again with the sound off. She wants to make up a dance to that song when we get home and perform it after dinner. Let’s play card games until late and laugh so much we foam at the mouth.

My inner child says screw long pants and stacks of gray and black shirts. She wants to wear pretty dresses and curl her hair. She wants to paint her fingernails even if it peels off the very next day. But don’t forget the hiking boots and cowboy boots and softball cleats. This girl needs to run and play. Hair washing can be done another day and so can matching socks. Dig out that sparkly headband and call it a day.

What if we let our inner children take over? Where would they lead us? Let’s hop on our bikes and drink sodas and build a tire swing. Let’s spend all day in the woods making dolls out of moss and leaves and twigs, listening closely for signs of fairies. Let’s eat a fat slice of cake for dinner and make a card for our moms. Let’s color outside the lines and interrupt incessant talkers and sit criss cross on the floor. Let’s take off our shoes and stick our toes in the mud (yes you will get dirty), let’s jump in a puddle and twirl in the rain.

Little Gwennie would throw a tantrum if she had to sit through a boring dinner on a sunny evening. She’d get real sassy if she had to do homework on the weekend. She would not like it all if NPR was blasting instead of her favorite song.

Let’s take these kids on an adventure. We can find a ghost town, or dig deep holes in the yard. We must ride the roller coaster again (and again). We can find a farm to pick peaches or sort through old pictures in a box. We can swim in water that is way too cold or start campfires with only one match. Never mind what mom says, we can throw mud at each other and clean it up later, we can walk around with our shoes off, we can skip lunch if we want. We’re grown now, we get to be fun kids and decision making grown-ups. Ain’t that fun?

So, wanna come out and play? No one’s stopping you.



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