New Adventures Will Be Had

Yellow arrows everywhere

In the early mornings I like to sit facing the window where the sun creates a warm spot of light on my favorite table and chair. Most times I make a french press or an Americano. On rare times I’ll make a cappuccino. Before customers come in to visit, I sip slowly, watching that warm light stream effortlessly in through the window.

I sit here at Yellow Arrow taking in this thing I, we to be more exact, have built. You were there to help me assemble tables, to paint chalkboard walls, to hang art, to watch my dog when working 14 hour days. You brought me food when you knew I forgot to eat. You hauled furniture down the stairs, brought me old coffee pots for decoration, shlepped milk when I ran out.

You brought me pictures of your travels, mementos from Spain. You even built me a life size replica of a camino marker to place against the wall. You took me out to dinner after ordering cappuccinos everyday for six months. You drove through the snow for my grand opening, and over the pass to join the Summit Co. Pilgrims for a day of hiking.

You pretended not to notice when I brushed back tears after working 21 days straight and exhaustion got the best of me. You sampled my odd menu items because you’d learned to trust the lattes. You understood completely when I had to close for holidays and Sundays and mud season.

And now my friends, my customers, my pilgrims it’s time to say aloha. I am leaving Breckenridge in September in pursuit of an adventure of another kind. Yellow Arrow Coffee will live on, in mobile form. I will be on the East coast for the winter, finishing my book. Then in the Spring I will hit the road, selling coffee and said book across the country.

Breckenridge has been so good to me. You have been so good to me. It has been one of the great joys (dare I say THE great joy?) of my life to have served you coffee and listen to your stories and given you a warm place to sit with a book and some stillness. These days I walk around in a dream state, hardly believing my life could be this good. And so, what could be better than traveling and serving coffee and meeting pilgrims and sharing my story all at the same time? Well…nothing that I can dream of.

On another happy note, I found myself getting an unexpected opportunity to return to Spain this Fall. I will be babysitting the Little Fox House in late September into October for a couple weeks, and while there will walk a short section of the camino. More on that later.

I love you. I thank you. I adore you. I cherish you. The next big adventure awaits.

Follow that arrow.


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