How To: Legit Cold Brew

Cold brew for days

Several years ago I picked up a copy of Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and quickly became obsessed with adopting her writing style and advice for getting words on the page. Basically, she suggests setting a timer and just writing, no stopping to think, no pauses, just write. It’s a great way to clear your head and just get it all flowing. I hoped that somewhere between the lines of my pages and pages of dribble, sparks would fly. And sometimes they did, but mostly I wrote obsessively about cappuccinos. Ya know, the perfect amount of foam, the right mug, the correct atmosphere. Eventually I got so tired of hearing my thoughts drone on about cappuccinos that I put down the pen. I had nothing to say.

You see, I’ve always wanted to write, have taken multiple stabs at it over the years, but nothing stuck. I was living this life behind the lens, looking out onto the world, but not truly living it. I was too damn worried about living someone else’s dream and let’s be real, what other people thought of me. I struggled with putting any honest words on the page.

Now I know that honesty, authenticity, is the only way to go about it. When I’m real with you, you’re real with me, and we get to engage in these moments where the differences between us melt away and we realize, hey we’re all in this together.

So. I find myself now on the other side of the lens after making the decision to step out, to live my life instead of watching other people make courageous choices, have fun, fall on their faces, and embrace humanness. I’m ready to face my fears, to make mistakes, to pack it up and start over, to acknowledge that although I’m scared pretty much all the time, I’m doing it anyway because there is no way I’m missing out on another second of this life.

And you know what? Now I have something to say. Ironically, all that dribble about cappuccinos was probably my subconscious saying, “ooooh, girl just you wait.”

I know most of you are at home tossing your day old coffee into the fridge to make iced coffee. Stop that right now. Step in front of the lens and make iced coffee, and as we call it in the industry, cold brew, the right way. I promise the results are smooth, without bitterness, and can last two weeks in the fridge (or more) without getting funky. Try it!

Legit Cold Brew Coffee

180 g espresso roast coffee (pick something decent please: whole bean, organic)
3 liters cold water
2 big glass containers or juice pitchers
1 filter and filter basket from your drip coffee brewer

Grind the fabulous whole bean coffee, you want the same grind you’d use for your drip brewer, not too coarse or fine. Dump it and the water in the glass container (a juice pitcher works great) and leave in the fridge overnight. Over another pitcher or container, filter out the coffee grounds by pouring the mixture into your filter basket over the second container. This may take awhile, especially if you ground the beans finely. Place back in the fridge for your drinking pleasure. Good for two weeks or more. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “How To: Legit Cold Brew

  1. I used to do this a long time ago with a Toddy coffee system. My parents loved it so much I gave mine to them…My mom was an iced coffee aficionado way before iced coffee became ‘cool’…she would get so exasperated ordering it in restaurants and find the staff had no clue how to serve it… She would finally ask for a cup of coffee and a glass of ice and mixed it herself at the table…


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