Do. Not. Wait. (Please)

Autumn in Breckenridge

There will be time.

Time for camping trips in the mountains and all day hikes with no people around. For fresh squeezed lemonade and long talks on the big porch while the dogs chase squirrels until they’re spent. For bike rides around the lake.

If we’re very, very lucky there will be time.

Time for long mornings with coffee in bed and pancakes with friends at our favorite place. For donuts around the corner and a long drive through golds and reds to pick apples for sauce and cider and pie and fritters. For making a silly wreath out of the prettiest fall leaves.

Should the stars keep shining above our heads, there will be time.

Time for hot chocolate contests and walks in the snow with the winning cup on Christmas Eve. For making marshmallows from scratch and watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” (again) while everyone else sleeps on the couch. For endless rounds of card games.

Maybe dawn will break on another day, allowing a little more time.

Time for last minute egg hunts and bending down low to see if the bulbs came up in the front garden. For buying the very first asparagus at the farmer’s market and painting a vase of lilacs on a rainy day. For stomping in puddles.

So let’s be dreamers. Of course, let’s be dreamers. But let’s also be doers. There is no time to be wasted. Do not wait to live a dream, even a little baby one of sleeping in or roasting a goose. And especially do not wait to live a big dream, even if it takes years to save the money you need or you do not know how you will get there.

Leave the “next summer I will…” talks for another day, let go of “last year I should have…” remarks. Try telling me what you will do today, what little dream will make you happy, what big dream you’re striving for.

There is no more time for ships coming in or fairy godmothers or handsome men on white horses. Do not wait. Do not settle for less. Do not underestimate your ability to make it happen. Put on your coat, walk outside, and do the thing that’s needed. There’s probably a really good cup of hot chocolate in it for you in the end.

A last hike with pilgrim friends in Summit County.

2 thoughts on “Do. Not. Wait. (Please)

  1. OK Gwen. I’m taking your advice. Stay tuned. But I’m not going to settle for less than organic shade grown Hamakua coffee, flute of Brut Rosé, or glass of dry French rosé.


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