Some Good Things

Lunch on Spain: pasta with eggplant, zucchini and tomato, Galician bread, wild grapes.

It is good to open all the windows and doors. Even if there is a little chill. Let some light in, let some air swirl around. Let the new day consume the old one, stale and starchy from too much sleep. Put on a sweater, if you need to, but keep the door open.

It is good to sit down to a long lunch. Outside on the patio, inside around a candle, or at a restaurant with plastic table cloths. In Spain we start with soup or salad. Maybe a soup with potatoes and greens, or a potato salad with olives, peas and lots of mayo. Red wine and sparkling water get mixed in a tall glass if it’s warm outside. A basket of dense bread is passed around. Next is some smoked pork or meatballs in tomato sauce with lots of garlic. Hand-cut potatoes are fried and christened with heavy pinches of salt. A splash more wine is added to each glass. For dessert there might be sponge cake or yogurt with honey or a softened peach. Or maybe you’ll just have an espresso and go right to bed.

It is good to have a rest. On a day bed by the window with a thousand books to keep you company. Or with a cup of tea and a cat on your lap and the sound of the neighbor snoring. A church bell rings from across the street and you cover cold toes with a blanket. Draw a little doodle, write a short note, have a quick dream, think calm thoughts.

Gathering chestnuts

It is good to have a long walk. In the morning along a dewy path with only the birds for company. Let the wind push your feet wherever it will. Pick some flowers, snap a photo, notice a tiny frog jumping in the weeds. A little creek bubbles along with your footsteps and your adventurous, wondering, curious self finds a purple stone, a pile of chestnuts, a secret old house buried in vines. Maybe sand asks to meet your toes or an old woman offers cold water.

It is good to let the sun find your face. Let the warmth sit on your skin even if it prickles. Allow some sunlight to lighten your hair and dry your mouth and make you sleepy. Sunshine washes thoughts away, cleans the house of your mind. Let it soak into you for a minute, let it cure you and dry your head like a wet towel on the line.

It is good to share a laugh. To tell a story. To have an adventure. It is good to sit down when your legs are tired. To run when you are cooped up. To swim when the water’s cold. It is good to be quiet. To hold the tongue. To explain without words. It is good to start again, even when there is no going back. Especially when there is no going back. To cross the threshold. To venture on. To keep going.


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